Search Google or Type a URL: Which Gives the Best Result?

Search Google or Type a URL

We are living in the era of digitalization and are widely dependent on the internet. From buying groceries for your house to working for your office, everything can be done online. Wherever any question on confusion pops up in our head, we immediately go to Google for the answer.

But the main question is, what will give you the accurate result that you want, search google or type a URL. We will solve this query for you. In this article, we will tell you what will give you better results on the internet, search Google or type URL. We will also cover different ways to search for things on Google. So now let’s dive into it. 

Omnibox: What is It? 


Omnibox: What is It? Omnibox is basically where you enter your query in Google. It is a rectangular-shaped bar where “Search Google or type a URL” is written. If you want to search for anything on Google, you can type your keywords or query in this box. You can enter anything from a mathematical question to a particular URL or any keyword like “Digital Marketing” and press the enter button. Google will show you all the results related to your search.

However, the Omnibox can vary from browser to browser. But in all browsers, Omnibox accepts both URLs and keywords. This means, that in order to make any search on the internet through any particular browser, you can either search or type URL. 

How Search Google and Type a URL Different From Each Other? 

How Search Google and Type a URL Different From Each Other? 

Now that we are discussing which is better, Search or type web address, let’s first understand the difference between these two things. In Google search, you type any particular question or keyword. After this, all the related things to that particular question or keyword appear on your screen including web pages, images, news, videos, frequently asked questions, and books. 

Whereas in typing a URL, you basically enter a particular web address that directs you to the landing page of that website. If you need very precise information and your main aim is not to do full-fledged research then it is better to type the URL instead of entering keywords. 

How to Use Type a URL on Google?

The main objective of a URL is to help you land on a particular page so that you do not end up wasting your time while looking for a specific result. In order to search for a particular website on Google, you will need to enter the web address of the website. 

But you will need to make sure that you enter the correct address only, because if the address is not correct, you will simply see a “Webpage Not Available” message on your screen. To avoid any mistakes while typing the URL, you can also copy the URL and then paste it into the Omnibox. 

How to Search Google? 

Now coming to Google searches, their main purpose is to provide accurate as well as related information to the user. For example, if you want to know about “Content Marketing” you can just simply type content marketing in the Omnibox. 

With this, all the related information will appear on your screen like what is content marketing, types of content marketing, along with some suggestions regarding companies that offer content marketing services in your area, etc. With the tabs available on the top, you can also check the related news, pictures, books, etc. 

Google search can be really helpful when you have a question but do not know where you will find its answer. Moreover, it can also be very helpful in research and case studies, because with just some keywords or questions, you can have access to all the related information as well.   

How to Look for Something Particular on Google?

How to Look for Something Particular on Google?

Before searching for something on Google, you must check your purpose. If you want to know each and everything about the topic, you can do a Google search, but if you need precise information and you know where you will find it then you can enter the URL as well. In this section, we will tell you about various ways, through which you can search on Google. 

  • Google Voice Search

If you are tired of search Google or type URL then you can also go for voice search. In google voice search, you can search for anything on Google by just saying this. But for this, you will need to make sure that your device has a mic. At the right side of the Omnibox, you would see a mic icon, you just need to click on that mic and then say whatever you want to look for. You would be able to see all the related results on your screen. 

  • Search by Image 

Search by image is a new feature in which you can search for something just by uploading its image. For example, if you are traveling somewhere and you see a unique tree and want to know about it then you can just simply click a picture through Google and upload it. And just within a few seconds, you would have all the information. 

  • Google Predictions 

No matter if you are opting for search Google or type a URL, google predictions will always work. The predictions are on the basis of the number of searches. For example, if you type “Apple” in the Omnibox, you will see predictions like Apple Technology company, apple watch, apple new phone, apple music, etc.

Moreover, not just keywords, but Google predictions also help with URLs. If you have already searched for a URL on your device, as soon as you enter some word that was in that URL, the first prediction will be the URL that you have already searched for. 

  • Type Specific Keywords

If you need broad information about something, the can just simply type the keywords or your question in the Omnibox bar. This will help you access all the relevant and related information like web pages, images, books, etc.

  • Search for Website 

The last way to look for a result is by search or enter website address. But for this, it is very crucial that you know the exact website address. Because even if the website address is slightly wrong, you might not reach your desired result. 

How to Use Search Google or Type a URL for Better Results?

How to Use Search Google or Type a URL for Better Results?

If you want to get the best information through Google, then first of all, you need to be clear with your objective for the search. Because if you do not know why are searching for something on Google, search Google or type a URL meme would lead to even more confusion. 

1. For Research 

If you want to know about something or want to do research then between Search or type URL, it is better to go with search. Because by typing the question or keywords, you will have access to different relevant web pages with different information in them. You can read 3 to 4 pages for detailed information. 

2. For Precise Information

In case you are sure you only need precise information, you can go directly to Omnibox and type the URL which will direct you to the correct web page. For example, if you want to register an online complaint with your bank, instead of typing and searching random things on Google, you can simply type the URL of your bank and register the complaint on their portal. 

Search Google or Type a URL: Which is Best? 

Whether you should go for Search Google or type a URL, it is completely your call. As we told you in the above section, make sure that you are clear with your intention regarding the search. Because the internet is a pool of information, and if you do not use the correct strategy, you might end up wasting hours and not getting relevant information. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Should I search Google or type a URL?

You can search or type web address as per your need. For research purposes, you can do a Google search. Whereas, for going to any particular website or portal, you can type a URL. 

Q2. How do I type a Google URL?

The URL is basically the address of the website. You can either type a Google URL or copy it and then paste it into the Omnibox. However, you will need to make sure that every character of the URL is correct, otherwise, you would not be able to reach to your desired website. 

Q3. How do I use Google Search?

You can use Google Search to look for things on the internet. For this, you can type any particular question or keyword in the Omnibox. With this, all the relevant information related to your search will appear on your screen.

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